Growing the open society is a blog for my thoughts on the open society and other philosophical questions.

I’m good at remembering ideas and principles, but bad at remembering where I first encountered them. So I’m not going to pretend that I somehow came up with these ideas myself. I just don’t tell you where I got them from, because I don’t remember. I probably read it somewhere, or some friends told me the ideas during some late night philosophical discussion. I might event have come up with one or two of the ideas myself, but even if I did, I’m sure somebody else came up with them first. But this matters very little. It is, as I will try to explain here on this blog, not important who came up with an idea, or who found out a piece of information. It’s the ideas and the information itself that is important, and their free dissemination amongst all of humanity.

Debate and discussion is welcome, as long as it’s kept civil and on topic.

//Lennart Regebro, regebro@gmail.com


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