Bono needs your help: Tell people that the world is getting better

As I mentioned, a better world is possible. What is good news is that we are getting there, albeit frightfully slowly. But people tend to think that it’s actually getting worse. A couple of days ago Bono on his blog wrote about this:

As I mentioned earlier in the week, there are 18 non-oil economies in Africa which have grown now at 5.5% for a decade, countries which on average have seen a 66% increase in aid, most are democracies and most have received full debt cancellation. With statistics like these it proves it’s still time to aid Africa. But it also proves it’s time to invest in Africa.  Any remaining capital out there couldn’t find a better long-term bet than the African subcontinent, that’s my tip for the week. It’s undeniable, there simply has been fantastic success and it’s a crime these breakthroughs against poverty aren’t better known. Can all of you out there in the blogosphere please focus on these statistics of success and help me understand why they aren’t better known?

He is completely right. And I’m going to try to do my part, as a part of the blogosphere. And if you aren’t convinced by Bono, then take a look at these two presentations from Gapminder: Hans Roslings presentation at TED, and the Human Development Trends 2005 flash presentation. I never get tired of Hans Roslings presentation, he says exactly what I have come to realise the last 10-15 years. And the most important comment is that we have a new world. It is no longer “us” the rich and “them” the poor. We are all in one big world, there are no longer a gap between the rich and the poor. The world is getting richer, it’s getting better and what we need is more of what we have has the last twenty-thirty years.

And it will come to no surprise what this is: More openness in the society. Many poor countries have moved from dictatorship or civil war towards an openly participatory democracy. Borders have opened for people and trade all over the world. Mobile phones have given a communication tool to the poor. The internet has opened up a universe of information. These are the changes that lie at the bottom of this slow but important change, and with more of it we can make these changes go much faster.

So help Bono and spread the word: The world is getting better. We can change it, we can get rid of poverty, and we in fact know exactly how to do it.


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