Open people means creative society.

There has been some research done on different personality types in different states in the US. It’s worth notic that there is a pretty strong correlation with how open people are as personalities and how big part arts and computers is of the economy, and more importantly, there is correlation between this opennes and how many patents that is generated in the state.

Having an open mind means more ideas. This is not the same meaning of “open” as in my other posts, where I mean the open sharing of information, and the open functioning of the state. But it is not just an unrelated concept that happens to use the same word. Openness to other people and other ideas go hand in hand with sharing of information.

Openness is based on an initial trust, an assumption that other people in general are not out to hurt you. If you don’t have this attitude it will be much harder for you to share information. A government who does not trust it’s people will not be open, and will instead do it’s business behind closed doors, which is democratically problematic, and in turn means that the people will lose trust in it’s politicians.

So that an openness in attitudes towards others correlates with creativity and prosperity is not surprising. It’s harder to say what comes first, but we need to grow trust and openness in our relations as well as in policy.

[link via Marginal Revolution]


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