What is an open society?

The open society is a society based on open exchanges. Open borders for immigration. An open state that doesn’t keep information to itself, and does not control or supervise it’s citizens. Open exchange of information and inventions. An open economy, and open politics.

It’s based on collaboration and liberty.

It’s open to people, ideas and trade.

In an open society you have freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of thought. You have the freedom to stand for election and the freedom to vote for whoever you want. You have freedom of information, and the freedom to act on it. You have the freedom to collaborate, improve and share.

It’s society where you do not need to hide from your neighbours, run from wars or flee from starvation.

You may think this sounds utopian? Maybe it is. But think about how much humanity has done the last thousands of years, and remember then that only a small part of humanity has been involved in all those miracles. And think then what we can do if we release the creative force of all of humanity!

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