A better world is possible.

The power of humanity is immense. We invent things that previous generations could not dream of, make art of unimaginable beauty and put forward ideas and insights that bring our minds to soaring heights. But we also invent things that surpass the worst nightmare, commit acts of unimaginable horror and create ideas and insights designed to bring out the monsters within.

The result of this disparity is ever more evident on our earth. Life for humanity has during the last ten thousand years gone from the simple hardship of the daily struggle for food that is common for any animal to a world where beauty, freedom and wealth shares the planet with horrors, oppression and poverty unimaginable and unworthy even of animals.

But this does not have to be so. A better world is possible. A world without atrocities, without opresson and where the full power of humanity working together can be realized. A world where we open our arms towards each other, towards ideas and towards innovation.

Togethether we can grow an open society. And that is what I hope this blog should be about.


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    kitblake said,

    This new blog looks promising; glad to see it. Kudos for sticking your neck out and saying such things.

  2. 3

    […] politics &#183 Tagged bono, gapminder, hans rosling, open borders, poverty As I mentioned, a better world is possible. What is good news is that we are getting there, albeit frightfully slowly. But people tend to […]

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    KA said,

    Sounds like communism! 😀

    And not a murderous Jack-in-office apparatchik dictatorship on a lowly developed base of productive forces… Saying this as I know, from the LOKE blog, that they are the same thing according to you.
    Did you know that USA was in fact in a way far closer to communism than USSR, concerning the development of the productive forces?

  4. 5

    I’m not interested in discussing isms. Everybody have their own idea of what those means, and using a word like communism is only going to make somebody confused.

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